No Roads – No Problem


W4F Team IGG 14110202The Wings4Farmers team from left to right are:

Marcel DIARRA, Aviation Meteorology; Kadidiatou DJIBO, Computer Scientist; Hank DEBEY, Founder; Abou SANOGO, Aviation Meteorology; Koffi APEDOH, Electronics Engineer; Aissata Foune TRAORE, Computer Scientist; Boureima MAIGA, Network Systems; Ladji Yaya BENGALY, Mathematician; Salaha CISSE, Business Management; Aminata GUEYE, Computer Systems; Ibrahim SANKARE, Mathematical Modeling.

cropped-SnapShot.jpgThe Wings4Farmers team comprises 11 people. Hank DeBey, the inventor of the levopter concept, has spent over six years living and working in Africa where lessons learned led to the conviction that the best chance for levopter success was to carry out the development of levopters in Africa with the people of Africa.

The Wings4Farmers base in Bamako, Mali provides benefits including:

  • Providing career opportunities to university graduates of Mali.
  • Receiving local input during the development and testing phases
  • Better understanding of the physical environments where levopters will be used
  • Better understanding of the cultural environments where levopters will be used
  • Finding partners in different regions of Africa to ensure efficient roll-out and operations
  • Developing a solution that will be seen as made by Africans for the benefit of Africans


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