No Roads – No Problem


Isn’t this just a glider with two wings?

No. A glider exploits vertical wind currents to maintain lift. A levopter exploits horizontal wind currents at different altitudes. The horizontal wind currents are more reliable. More…

What happens if the wind quits?

The winds at high altitudes are more consistent and predictable than closer to the surface of the Earth. Wind forecasts will provide ample time for the levopter to designated landing spot and make a controlled descent.

What if the tether breaks?

Each wing is sufficiently large to support the fuselage for a controlled descent and safe landing. Essentially, the fuselage is attached to two parachutes at all times.

Isn’t the tether a hazard for other aircraft?

The tether will be made visible to other aircraft. It will have strobe lights for visual visibility and it will employ technology such as TCAS and/or ADS-B to make the tether visible on cockpit instruments of aircraft.


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